Sebastian Zickau

LinkSmart Project (2007-2010)


  • CNET, Fraunhofer FIT, Fraunhofer SIT, IN-JET, PRIWAY, T-CON, ,TID , University of Aarhus, INN, University of Reading, Siemens AG, Technical University of Kosice (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics), University of Paderborn


  • January 13, 2021

The first objective of the Hydra project is to develop middleware based on a Service-oriented Architecture, to which the underlying communication layer is transparent. The middleware will include support for distributed as well as centralised architectures, security and trust, reflective properties and model-driven development of applications.

The HYDRA middleware will be deployable on both new and existing networks of distributed wireless and wired devices, which operate with limited resources in terms of computing power, energy and memory usage. It will allow for secure, trustworthy, and fault tolerant applications through the use of distributed security and social trust components. The embedded and mobile Service-oriented Architecture will provide interoperable access to data, information and knowledge across heterogeneous platforms, including web services, and support true ambient intelligence for ubiquitous networked devices.

The second objective of the HYDRA project is to develop a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK will be used by developers to develop innovative Model-Driven applications.